We grow blueberries with love and passion
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About us
Our Berries
We grow blueberries on a 100 hectare plantation. Our berries are tasty, juicy, sweet, nutritious, healthy, attractive, delicate, elegant and seductive. They have been nourished by the Carpathian sun, inspired by clear Carpathian air, and harvested and packed with Carpathian generosity.
Our Team
Our team is formed by people belonging to different occupations: agronomists, engineers, economists, lawyers, all of whom are recognized blueberry professionals, united by love and passion for blueberries and the aim to share that perfect taste with the world. We are committed and open to comfortable, transparent and reliable cooperation.
The taste of our berries is crafted by Nature itself; we just follow up and implement up-to-date technologies to deliver them fresh, ripe and sweet. We care about the environment and food safety.  Therefore, we grow our blueberries in accordance with the Global GAP & GRASP standards, annually updating our certification.
Our blueberries are hand picked and hand packed. Our product range: clamshells 125g/250g/500g in cardboard tray, 3kg loose in cardboard box.
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Our season is quite short but long enough to ensure the special taste of our blueberries. The harvesting starts in mid-June and lasts till September.

Our Values
Due to the mild and unique Transcarpathian climate, our berries get maximum sunny days; that’s why they are so delicious.
To maintain the quality of our berries and to prolong their freshness, we cool them down not later than 30 minutes after harvesting. Our facility is located within one kilometer of the production fields.
We grow our blueberries in accordance with the Global GAP standard, annually updating our certification.
We are committed to cooperation and form our supply chain conscientiously. That’s why we always deliver our berries on time in the agreed quantity.
Our Clients

Thanks to our partners more and more customers enjoy the special taste of our blueberries.

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Head Office

30/39 Schekavytska Str office 4, Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine

Production Field

Velyki Luchky, 89625, Zakarpatska oblast, Ukraine


tel +38 (044) 207-12-44 

mob +38 (067) 404-22-22